Saturday 5 February 2011

My article for my new client

Happy Saturday people! How are you? I'm in the library beavering away and plan to do so for the next three days straight! Gotta get some serious writing done.

Anyhow, after much hooing and haaing one of the posts I've written for my client has finally made it onto the website. We have a few glitches that we are ironing out so the other two aren't on there yet! If you know of anyone in the New York area that loves pets and would like to go to the Westminster Dog Show, show them this:


jheri said...

This is so good! It reads very well Belinda. I know someone in Manhattan who has a big dog and no car, so I will tell her about this site.

Unknown said...

Hi Belinda,

We are three graduate students from Washington University in St. Louis, all tall, all women. We are launching a project which is intended to provide fashionable and high quality clothes for tall women. We need to learn more about the demand of tall ladies. Could you help us to fill in the market research survey: thank you for your help! Have a good day!